ZH26BC - Brdige alarm repeater

ZH26BC is optional to ZH25MFD Learn More

For new installations of ZH25MFD at CCR and ZH26BC (Bridge controller) is decremented which is installed in navigation Bridge, connected only with one screened cable 2 x 0.75 between Navigation Bridge and CCR

The ZH26BC has 4 isolated inputs-outputs NMEA 183 RS422/485 for GPS, WIND SENSOR, ECHO SOUNDER, SPEED LOG, 2 Outputs NMEA 183 RS422 and 2 DRY CONDUCTS for HORN and FLASH LIGHT in upper bridge.

Applicable with on/off by key switch, Dimer, Test and Acknowledge of sound alarm. The acknowledge stop the sound in bridge but not stop the external siren and flash light was that fully controlled from ZH25MFD in CCR.

Visual and sound alarm of


Manual (PDF)


Sentences $_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CR,Checck Sum !_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CR, Check Sum
Self Diagnosis Serial Ports,ROM,RAM
Power supply voltage 9-36VDc
Power consumption 1.5W
Supply isolation 500VAc@1 min
Supply surge protection 200A@3mSec
Output for Wind Sensor Voltage 24VDc
Output for Wind Sensor Current 250 ma
Number of Input – Output RS422/RS485 4
Number of Output RS422 2
RS 422/485 I/O Isolation 1000V
RS 422/485 I/O 1-5 Sensitivity 0.3V
RS 422/485 I/O Input Impedance 11KOhm
RS 422/RS 485 I/O Surge protection 60A@8, 3mSec
RS 422 output Voltage (open Circuit) 4.5V
RS 422 output Voltage (110 Ohm Load) 3.8 V
RS 485/RS 422 I/O ESD Protection 60A@8, 3mSec
Input – Output Bit Rate 115200
Normal Open Conducts 200A@3mSec
Voltage N.O Conducts 250 V
Current N.O Conducts 8 A Max
Dimer level 6 level
Dimensions 147mm x 120mm x 37mm
Compliance Standards IEC 60345, IACS E10, IEC 61162
Ambient Conditions Temp: -15-+55C
IP 20
Rel. Humidity: 0%-93%