HLD-INS600 Integrated Navigation System

The Highlander “Intelligent Bridge” integrated navigation system (INS) brings single navigation sensors and devices into a sole organic system whose treatment of data is far superior to that offered by traditionally arranged pieces of equipment where each one is separate from the others. The INS 600's multi-function workstations bring every piece of navigation data right to the Navigating position, abating the need for the officer to walk to different places around the wheelhouse in order to view navigation equipment display panels. The navigation tasks of route planning, route monitoring, collision avoidance and track control are supported by a totally rational, ergonomic presentation of information. A graphic-rich conning display shows all of the most critical datums in large-font alphanumerics and in realistic mimic objects. The conning display has two principle selectable viewing modes: DOCKING mode for close-in maneuvering in restricted waterways and NAVIGATION mode for open-ocean sailing where course and speed changes are seldomly made. The network-based “Intelligent Bridge” HLD-INS 600, certified to IMO Resolution MSC.252(83) and IEC 61924-2, is the product of many years of advanced engineering work by Highlander's research and development teams. Very importantly, it is designed or "Hi-Cloud" remote access for ship-to-shore data exchange which serves as a convenient way to exercise fleet management and augment the servicing of ship's equipment. Dramatic reductions in ship operating costs are achievable by tapping into ship data to carry out remote diagnosis and repairs.